900-76 EQ2 Reflector Telescope

900-76 EQ2 Reflector Telescope "Big Pack"

Titulo del libro: 900-76 EQ2 Reflector Telescope "Big Pack"

Editor: Seben

900-76 EQ2 Reflector Telescope "Big Pack"

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Seben's 900-76 reflector telescope provides due to its 900mm focal length fantastic image sharpness and contrast and remains unbeaten in this price category.

In combination with the enormous (up to 450-times) magnification, you receive sensational high resolution, which marks the borderline to professional observing.

Explore new worlds - in the farthest corners of the universe!

Because of its up-to-date-construction, and in combination with its modern, high performance 1.25" (31.7mm) accessory sockets, you are able to equip Seben's 900-76 telescope with nearly every accessory available. a

Moon Filter: for a contrast-enhanced and rich in detail observation
Barlow-Lens: doubling of the magnification
Erecting Eyepiece: upright and side correct image for terrestrial viewing
Finder Scope: to locate celestial objects easily
Useful accessories: Protective cap for the tube + Protective cap for the accessory socket + 4 x Protective eyepiece receptacles
With the provided 4 eyepieces the following magnifications can be achieved without further accessories having to be bought expensively: 50x, 80x, 100x, 160x, 167x, 250x, 334x and 500x.

Whereas you usually have to spend a lot of extra money for important accessories with other manufacturers, there is not a penny extra to be paid with us.

Contents of delivery:
1x Telescope tube
4x High-performance eyepiece H20, H12.5, H6, SR4
4x Protective eyepiece receptacles
1x 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece
1x Moon Filter
1x Barlow-Lens
1x Finder Scope 5x24
1x Equatorial Mount
2x Protective cap for the tube and for the accessory socket
1x Sturdy, vertically adjustable aluminium tripod