Seben Star-Sheriff incl.

Seben Star-Sheriff incl. "Big-Pack" 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope

Titulo del libro: Seben Star-Sheriff incl. "Big-Pack" 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope

Editor: Seben

Seben Star-Sheriff incl. "Big-Pack" 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope

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Seben Star-Sheriff 1000-114 Reflector Telescope Big Pack incl.

Seben's Star-Sheriff 1000-114 telescope is a high quality reflector telescope. The combination of an enormous 114mm aperture and a remarkable focal length of 1000mm have been popular and proven for many years. It enables a fascinating observation of the night sky in unimaginable clarity!

Because of the huge 114mm aperture of Seben's Star-Sheriff you can observe stars up to a class of 12.8M.

Because of its up-to-date-construction, and in combination with its modern, high performance 1.25" (31.7mm) accessory socket, you are able to equip the telescope with nearly every accessory available such as motor, camera adapter (Astrophotography)

Moon Filter: for a contrast-enhanced and rich in detail observation
Barlow-Lens: doubling of the magnification
Erecting Eyepiece: upright and side correct image for terrestrial viewing
Finder Scope: to locate celestial objects easily
Useful accessories: Protective cap for the tube + Protective cap for the accessory socket + 4 x Protective eyepiece receptacles
With the provided 31.7mm (1.25") eyepieces (20mm, 12.5mm, 6mm and 4mm) the following magnifications can be achieved without further accessories having to be bought expensively: 50x, 80x, 100x, 160x, 167x, 250x, 334x and 500x.

Contents of delivery:
1x Telescope tube Seben Star-Sheriff 1000-114
1x High-performance eyepiece H20
1x High-performance eyepiece H12.5
1x High-performance eyepiece H6
1x High-performance eyepiece SR4
4x Protective eyepiece receptacles
1x 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece
1x Moon Filter
1x Barlow-Lens
1x Finder Scope: 5x24
1x EQ3 Mount
2x Protective caps
1x Sturdy, vertically adjustable aluminium tripod