El Dragon par Farideh Khalatbaree

El Dragon par Farideh Khalatbaree

Titre de livre: El Dragon

Auteur: Farideh Khalatbaree

Broché: 32 pages

Date de sortie: February 1, 2016

ISBN: 8492595833

Éditeur: Thule Ediciones

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Farideh Khalatbaree avec El Dragon

A kindhearted dragon lived with fish near the ocean. They played all day along and dreamed of playing at night while they slept. One day, a young boy came to the beach and asked to join them. The dragon opened his mouth and out poured flowers instead of flames. The dragon, the fish, and the boy became good friends but as the child grew older, he visited the beach less and less, eventually never to return. Much later on, the dragon spotted the boy down on the beach, fishing. The boy simply said that fish tasted good. Shocked and betrayed by such cruelty, the dragon left the beach to go to a place where children never grow up.