There's Something I Want You to Do par Charles Baxter

There's Something I Want You to Do par Charles Baxter

Titre de livre: There's Something I Want You to Do

Auteur: Charles Baxter

Broché: 240 pages

Date de sortie: February 3, 2015

ISBN: 110187001X

Éditeur: Pantheon

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Charles Baxter avec There's Something I Want You to Do

From a contemporary master of the short story: a dazzling new collection-his first in fifteen years-that explores the unpredictable and mysterious in seemingly ordinary experience.

These interrelated stories are arranged in two sections, one devoted to virtues (Bravery, Loyalty, Chastity, Charity, and Forbearance) and the other to vices (Lust, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, and Vanity). They are cast with characters who appear and reappear throughout the collection, their actions equally divided between the praiseworthy and the loathsome. They take place in settings as various as Tuscany, San Francisco, Ethiopia, and New York, but their central stage is the North Loop of Minneapolis, alongside the Mississippi River, which flows through most of the tales. Each story has at its center a request or a demand, but each one plays out differently: in a hit-and-run, an assault or murder, a rescue, a startling love affair, or, of all things, a gesture of kindness and charity. Altogether incomparably crafted, consistently surprising, remarkably beautiful stories.